Another Italy gentleman he only loves retro watch and collocation

Daniele Zaccone, the GQ and the newly signed watch expert, particularly Lifestyle gentleman, insisted that we give him called "The Italian Flair". He loves the suit and coffee, every shot put all the details of collocation, he said only timeless replica watches uk was never out of date, on the watch he never pursue, he is a collector of classic watches, because in his eyes, these are the real "timeless". (note all images and text, GQ network has Chinese mainland men's exclusive rights, and prohibited pirates, be at the weight.) Another Italy gentleman he only loves retro watch and collocation Mr. Zaccone Daniele Zaccone Daniele: what do you mean you want to be what you want to be Dress art is the best way we communicate with others, they do not know your personality, do not know who you are, every detail will have to rely on their own to the most perfect collocation show to others, what you wear is what you want to be, I think the Italian style can be a style recognition in the world. If you are chasing the new, that is to do, if you have your own choice, that is the style. Another Italy gentleman he only loves retro watch and collocation Mr. Zaccone Daniele rolex replica and dress collocation My style is a timeless classic, exquisite handmade a combination of luxury accessories, but be sure to wear classic watches, so as to give a man a tutor and background show more, as you can see the jewelry to see a woman's worth and taste, see suit and can see the hobby and watch the background of a man. I never chase new, I like to settle down the classic, suit to wear on the body is very good, watch worn on the wrist and never feel out of date, this is the design of the wonderful I love watch brands including Rolex and Cartire, they can express most elegant, also can be refined, refined refers to a history in the history on the dial and design, is the "best of timeless", timeless is timeless. Mr. Zaccone Daniele watches and dress collocation Mr. Zaccone GMT's Rolex Master Daniele Zaccone Daniele: style is what is learned in Education My favorite list includes Rolex's Master GMT, Cartire's Pasha, and Audemars Pigeut's Royal Oak, which are enduring series, settling to the present, and its own style and truth. I never pursue new style, only the history of precipitation down the table, I believe that is the real classic. This is why, you can see I will always wear a retro table, with a suit, this is the style of the Italy gentleman. A true gentleman should live out your own style, you don't have to follow the trend, it is will rush to go away, the precipitation of their own style as a kind of mission, this is a kind of education similar to things, you learn, you can accompany taught, and affect your life, who nevertake. Cartire's Pasha, now looks quite retro but also very popular, refined classic to stand out with everything, its design and design is a recognized. Elegance is based on the basic of a kind of collocation, jacket, shirt, pants, tie is the basic sign of distinguishing style. I prefer the basic color, the only difference is how you will be a good color and dress together, in the dress I only care about two things: fit and upper body. This is not easy, so this is rolex replica the so-called people dress collocation, gene can be said to be in your baby period will be influenced by the environment, you determine your aesthetic, how is not the same with others, even more outstanding, a "take" depends on you to the surrounding environment, absorption can affect your aesthetic so, it plays a decisive role in the growth environment.