What watch can appreciate? Overseas fans tell you the truth

A lot of people will buy the table is equivalent to the collection or appreciation, but not all of the tables are equipped with such a special definition". Overseas senior table fans tell us, in the market there is a collection of value and appreciation of the table (the most important is that you can afford to buy) is not more than six! In the bag, you will be happy to make a fortune! What watch can appreciate? Overseas fans tell you the truth Rolex 6265 In fact, a collection of replica watches uk and other things, not seeking refinement. Truly understand that you have a collection of watches, the real value of the behind is the collector. So this is the annual auction, antique watches will cause to high price to sell. Blind to the high price of the purchase of a small value of the watch has become a sign of most of the Chinese guests. But in western countries, most of the collection of watches are a family inherited a culture, and this kind of cultural studies to a certain knowledge and appreciation of the angle. If the blind to buy big table, in the loss of the purse is not back to the same income. What watch can appreciate? Overseas fans tell you the truth Danny What watch can appreciate? Overseas fans tell you the truth Danny collection of Patek Philippe 5074 Watch Club The in London, England is a classic example: they are London's authoritative watch collection salon, and the owner of Danny is a veritable collector. He has a wide variety of rolex replica , brands and models. But the most worth showing off is his antique Rolex and Patek Philippe series. Whether it is rare type or a perfect watch, will make people understand each eye-opening table. From the 70s Daytona (Daytona) is the modern Rolex Daytona ancestors, classic timepiece three disk surface and was the first to design more modern type timing unlock button clock watch design played a vanguard image. After this Rolex with the same Daytona for the surface of a series of legendary figure Paul Newman design, it becomes one of the best hedge chronograph watch now. Rolex Explorer 1655 II in the 1971 factory, one of the famous actor STEVE MCQUEEN's watch in 70s at that time, and the orange GMT hands quickly with the typical design. This watch comes with the original box and certificate, so the combination is now very rare, the price increase is faster than other watches. Patek Philippe Ref 5131 can be said to be one of the PP collectors have dreamed of a series, the reason is this world time zone watch dial is due to the enamel surface, PP is very strict on enamel craft, then can make the enamel surface of such masters are very few. So the replica watches 5131 production is very low, but the collection value is very high, now on the market if we can find the watch new wholly intact situation, the price already is 4-5 times the original price at that time. Patek Philippe 3970 lunar calendar. This movement is the most classic PP complex movement. Regardless of the appearance design or movement function has the very high collection value. Patek Philippe 5070 manual chain timing series can be said to be PP Chronograph in the entry-level version, but because the entire series only platinum, rose gold and Perkin, so the collector circle is also very popular. Patek Philippe 5074 calendar three ask high ranking in the PP series, the super complex movement with three Q function, and this watch production volume is very small. The collectors are certainly on the watch has a certain understanding and research. Any complicated movement watches value space are great, if the watch is in good condition and with all the original configuration, the price will be a higher level.