Bezel deep paste classic watch the birth of the story

Over the past century is not to buy a group of aesthetic unity, but the classic human brain has a similar appeal. Some people say that a tabulation of all invention and creation in the early decades before the end, of course, can not be generalized, either Tourbillon or innovative materials, senior watchmaking brand did not forget to challenge yourself, but the latter is proof of replica watches uk the status of a gimmick, the former is the only source of can really bring direct benefits to the reputation and brand. The classic design, once successful, will be continued and repeated for many years. Buy clothes can be a new map, but not too to buy a table to follow the new". Success of the brand, all "evolution" is particularly slow, for half a century, perhaps not a great change. Slow evolutionary design is a classic, but also a success. You worn on the wrist in 1917, in 2014 has been designed, can only say that this design is never outdated. If a brand is not a big change for decades, it shows that it has been on the road to create a classic, this thing is not outdated, only enough to classic. To coordinate system division, and look at the origin of the classic table models and the birth of rolex replica time, history has not been able to change its evolution. In 2014, Rolex once again to present the legendary professional diving watch, bring the new oyster perpetual sea improved to 4000. The 40 mm diameter technology watch, water depth of 1220 meters (4000 feet), with a number of innovative features and comply with the new standard of Rolex, including anti scratch and anti UV Cerachrom, painted pottery word ring lasting luminous material Chromalight luminous display, paramagnetic Parachrom hairspring, Blue Oyster safety button and replica watches Glidelock extension system. Of course, the sea to make the type of the famous original device - exhaust valve, is also essential.